Biosourced additives for paper, boards and nonwoven industry


FunCell Technology is bio inspired and use biosourced macromolecules to enhance cellulose-cellulose interactions in wet and dry conditions. These additives show a high degree of performance up to 60 % in wet/dry ratio; with a wide range of properties and solutions for all kind of cellulosic materials. The high reactivity of the product also allows a further functionalization in aqueous medium to provide on demand functionalities to the final product.


FunCell propose additives that are suitable for all kind of cellulosic materials. They offer sustainable solutions for paper and boards, for all kinds of fibres and pulps. They are also efficient binders for nonwoven cellulosic materials.


FunCell additives will provide you a wide range of possibilities in terms of performance and added values, as they require no specific process: you can add directly the product to the pulp suspension, and it doesn’t need any activation or curing step. The high flexibility of these additives made them available for all kind of cellulosic materials and/or fibres. Their biosourced nature provides low toxicity and biodegradability.

Products & Services

FunCell provides you wet and dry-strength additives and coupling agents for nonwoven, paper and boards.
The products are available in aqueous medium.



Wet strength improvement from 15 to 60% of the wet/dry ratio

Dry strength multiplied by 2 or 3


Customized functionalization solutions

Suitable for all kind of fibers and pulp

Compatible with all processes


Combined to additive production activity, a consulting activity in cellulosic materials reinforcement and functionalization is proposed. Thanks to our knowledge in polysaccharides and cellulose chemistry and characterization we are able to advise you on the best solutions for your products optimization and specific functionalization.

About Us

FunCell is a start-up company launched from an academic laboratory, the CEntre de Recherche sur les MAcromolecules Végétales (Cermav, CNRS) in Grenoble, France

The founder members of Funcell are:


Gilles du SORDET


Julien LEGUY


Henri SORS


Laurent HEUX

Inventor and Scientific Advisor


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